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Too Live Nurse
Educational and humorous music
The RN's of Rock
Song Samples
Song Samples

* for auditioning these songs you'll need a real audio player or an mp3 player


Ineffective Individual Coping
(The Second Edition):

1. Ventilate me [mp3]
2. Girl with Emphysema [mp3]
3. Fractured Nursing Procedure #35
(Foley Catheter insertion:Male) [mp3]
4. The Bedpan Blues [mp3]
5. Pushin' the Papers [mp3]
6. Doin' the Incontinence Rag [mp3]
7. Sarie Gamp's Enema Camp [mp3]
8. Scabies [mp3]

Plus a Bonus Song from the soon to be released
"Rockin' to the Algo-Rhythms III" album!!




Who's Got The Keys?:

1. Overture
2. A Day in the Life [Real Audio]
3. Gomer [mp3] [Real Audio]
4. She's Had It
5. Nurses Chant
6.Cardinals Lament
7. Just While We're Here
8. Just While We're Here (Reprise)
9. Nightingale Tango
10. Las Llaves
11. I Remember a Time
12. I Remember a Time (Reprise)
13. She's Got Them
14. You're the Flower of my Heart Sweet Adeline