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The following photos were taken as "promo shots" for our live performances. Enjoy!!

We are TOO LIVE NURSE TOO LIVE NURSE is just a bunch of "Divas" who want to sing, dance and make you laugh!!

Meet Mr. Gomer Gominsky. He may smell and scratch a lot, but he's one hell-of-a-guy! We love him!

Gomer stumbles . . . watch out! Gomer is just a little unsteady on his feet. . . can't let him fall!!! (Think of the paperwork!)

Gome lands safely in the chair! Gomer lands safely into the chair. No fractured bones today . . . no reams of paperwork to fill out!

Gomer sits and ponders. Gomer is a "Thinking Man". He has ideas and thoughts . . . but what are they about?

Gomer is our hero. He reminds us about the importance of providing compassionate nursing care for everyone. Watch Who's got the Keys? to find out how!

Florence Nightingale teaching. Taken from a live performance of Who's Got the Keys?, this picture shows Florence Nightingale (on the right) patiently teaching a student nurse (on the left).

Florence Nightingale on the Wild Side! This is Florence Nightingale after one too many bad entanglements with doctors, lawyers, and HMO CEO's! What is she going to do with that whip?

"Wild Flo" "Wild Flo" with a Doctor, Lawyer, and CEO . . . oh wow, the whip!!!

Take a ride on the Wild Side! Take a ride on the "wild side" with TOO LIVE NURSE!

Fanny Scratchit, RN Meet Fanny Scratchit, RN, PhD, FAAN, FAART. She's the head of QA at Sarie Gamp's Enema Camp.

Kiss that Urinal Good Bye After demonstrating the insertion of a foley catheter (male), Nurse Scratchit says, "You can kiss that urinal good-bye!"

The High, Hot, and Hell of a Lot! Concerned about QA at the "... Enema Camp", Nurse Scratchit demonstrates the administration of the "High, Hot, and Hell of a Lot"!

Please knock before entering! Always knock before entering the patient's bathroom!

Dicky Fartin, RN Meet Dicky Fartin, RN. He's learning the new ACLS protocols and is feeling kind of crazy. He'll sing to you, Nursing La Vida Loca!!

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