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Too Live Nurse
Educational and humorous music
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Live Entertainment
Live Entertainment

You'll bust a gut . . .

then we'll have you in stitches!!

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Actual Llive Performance

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Live Performance Promo Animation

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Live Performance #2
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Actual Live Performance
for ODONA 3/4/2003

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Actual Live Performance
"Nursing Queen"

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Actual Llive Performance
"Incontinence Rag"

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Click here to See our Past and Present Live Performance Schedule.

View a photo album of our 3/4/2003 Too Live Nurse show for ODONA!


Live Entertainment!!!

The Medimusical Experience! It's Cathartic!!!

Since 1993, TOO LIVE NURSE has performed our special brand of music and comedy for dozens of nursing and healthcare conventions/organizations throughout the U.S.A.. We believe that one of the best ways to combat stress is through the therapeutic effects of humor. We further believe that an integral part of a positive self image is the ability to laugh at oneself. It is with this in mind that we produce all our live performances and recordings.

We're pleased to say that each performance is a unique experience enjoyed by all!!! One of our strong points is our ability to personalize our shows. We write and produce our shows based upon your convention's or organization's themes and needs. We LOVE the challenge of creating new songs and skits for our fans!!! In addition, we have a rather long list of standard musical numbers that we draw upon for our live performances. The following is a small sample of songs/skits from our ever-expanding repertoire:

* Any song/skit from our Ineffective Individual Coping album including
performance favorites
Incontinence Rag; Foly Catheter Insertions - Male;
Sarie Gamp's Enema Camp

* Any song/skit from the original musical comedy Who's Got the Keys? album
(produced by Muse-Med, Inc) including performance favorites
A Day and a Lifel; GOMER;
Nightingale Tango; She's Had It; Just While We're Here; I Remember a Time

* Any song from our Rockin' to the Algo-Rhythms II (soon to be III) album.

* Additional Songs. . .

* Proud Mary, RN
* Nurse Byrd
* Girl with Emphysema
* Second Hand Smoke
* Ain't No Fever High Enough
* Scabies
* Private Duty
* Colonoscopy
* Three Little Girls from Nursing School
* Nursing Queen
* Arthur in the Afternoon


Our shows are a minimum of 45 minutes long (depending on your scheduling needs). However, the shows tend to average about 1 hour in performance time (not including set-up and take-down of equipment). We have over THREE hours of material!!! Heck, we can even do Three shows if needed!!!

Performance Costs . . .

We are Affordable!!!

Price includes performance fee and travel, food, and lodging reimbursements. Please contact us for further information!!!

What We Do . . .

We are Unique!!!

We are a musical/comedy/cabaret act focused on healthcare issues. Our shows are well scripted, produced and performed. We encourage audience participation . . . literally have members of the audience come up (during carefully selected segments of our show) and perform with us! We're all about laughter through music and skits . . . we're all about a good time for us and for our audience! We successfully blend healthcare issues and musical comedy!!! We are TOO LIVE NURSE!!!

Continuing Education Credits. . .

Receive Continuing Education Credits (C.E.U.'s)

We will work with your organization to produce a show/workshop where nurses and other healthcare professionals can receive CEU's!!! For example, we have successfully combined the music from our Rockin' to the Algo-Rhythms album with ACLS educational workshops. It makes for fun learning!!! Again, we write and individualize our shows around YOUR conference needs.

Thank you for your interest!!!



Cheers . . .


Click here to view a typical stage and sound set up for a live performance


For more information regarding our hilarious live performances, email us at:  LivePerformances@toolivenurse.com  , or "snail-mail" us to:

P. O. 284
New Lebanon, New York 12125

Phone: (518) 794-7799


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